Quality Assurance

We manage nearly the complete process from raw material purchase and collection until finished product and distribution. Only the freshest raw materials are used, in compliance with the highest available quality and food safety standards. All raw materials and finished products are subjected to thorough analysis before further processing and dispatch. We can guarantee quality, reliability, consistency and traceability of our products.

Besides standard analysis conducted on raw materials before and during processing, all finished products are fully analyzed prior to export, by independent official EU accredited laboratories. This happens in order to guarantee our customers that the products we supply to them comply with their demands and market requirements. Methods of analysis performed are in conformity with the international standards set by IDF and ISO methods.

We guarantee our products comply with EU and international requirements and meet the international food markets ever increasing quality requirements. Our quality system is set up according to and complies with the European legislation on food safety, hygiene and traceability.

  • Quality Assurance